211 LA

UX/UI Design

One of my larger contracting positions has been working as the web designer for 211 LA, an organization that connects people in need to 50,000+ non-emergency services in LA County. What has been functioning as a busy call center since 1981 will soon also be a tech company that serves thousands of people from marginalized populations across all of LA County. My work with them has been to design this transition. I've been the sole designer working with a development team who is building the site with Drupal.


Some of the biggest challenges I've been addressing in the web design process include:

-How do we create an online presence that reflects the commitment to customer service that 211 LA upholds? 

-How do we create a new platform to access services that feels familiar and relatable? 

-How do we reach marginalized populations, and make them feel welcome and supported, no matter who they are or where they come from? 

Deliverables Include:

-UX design and site architecture

-150+ Wireframes and mockup designs across entire site


-Style Guide

-Blog Design using Wordpress