Branding, Art Direction, Design

From 2014-2016 I worked for Trade Monkey, an ethical fashion company that sought to extend the sales seasons of artisanal non profits and NGOs abroad, through online sales and business development. As one must do in a start-up environment, I quickly became comfortable wearing many hats, but my focus was design and marketing. 


Our underlying design strategy was to make it clear that we were passionate about making a difference in the communities we were partnering with, without making people feel guilty by focusing on the struggles of these communities. Based on our target audience of female-identifying customers age 16-35, I developed a brand persona of a stylish world traveler who was young and energetic, with an optimism and excitement to do good in the world. The voice of the brand I created was friendly and lighthearted, positive with a sense of purpose. Our brand language included a mixture of strong sans serifs paired with fun handwritten fonts, jewel tones, and bold graphic overlays.

It was one of my first post-graduate positions and I learned so much about the non-profit world as well as branding and engaging with target audiences. This project made me fall in love with working hard for a good cause, as we were able to work directly with artisans in Thailand, Cambodia, and Uganda, in an effort to extend their reach. 

Deliverables Include:

- Graphic Design

- Web Design

- Brand Design

- Jewelry and Product Design

- Shopify Website Design and Management

- Packaging Design and Production

- Creating Marketing Campaigns and tracking their success through Google and Facebook Analytics 

- Copy Writing

- Email Marketing 

- Content Creation and Management

- Photography

- Sales

- Account Management