Branding, Graphic Design

Pathfinder International is an organization that champions sexual and reproductive health and rights by mobilizing communities to forge their own path to a healthier future. They wanted to put together a campaign for EOY fundraising that stood out in the crowded holiday ad atmosphere. This graphic aesthetic ended up being highly effective at turning heads, and the campaign ended up generating $250,000, a 40% increase over the $178,000 they raised during their 2018 end of year campaign. 

Pathfinder was clear in their desire to feature graphics in their end of year campaign that pushed the envelope more than their branding had done in the past. The design direction we landed on was urgent and dire in tone, and focusing on the need for support. The color scheme was eye-catching and to-the-point in black, white, and a palatable, but-urgent red. The typeface was a bold and simple Source Sans Pro Variable, allowing the images to hold the weight of the interest on the page, while also clearly communicating our messages of need.

In the graphics, women and children make eye contact with the viewer, telling their story with their tired eyes and somber expressions alone. To convey the vast scope of the problem in the camps of Bangladesh, additional images are woven into their scarves and clothing to deepen the story, depicting other women and children from their community. 

The motif of images melded together into the fabric these women wear, acts as a representation of how supporting Pathfinder benefits both individual women, and the larger collective of women and families in the communities they work with. We chose fabric as the canvas for the other images because of the strong ties between women and textiles as craft.

The fabric canvas motif was the common ‘thread’ throughout the three-month campaign, and we put it to use in various ways. In some countdown GIFs, fabric is the backdrop to images showing the conditions of the refugee camp. In other graphics, fabric acts as visually-engaging textural accents to images of Pathfinder's target communities.

To increase our impact,  as we tracked the return on our ad spend, we noticed that the most effective graphics were the most dynamic and told more of the story. Highest performers were those with multiple images woven into scarves, and animated GIFs that showed multiple images within one ad, or emphasized the urgency of the campaign with countdowns.

With this knowledge, we shifted all of our creative toward the best performing pieces and saw a continued uptick in donation dollars.

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-Graphic Design