Brand Management + Graphic Design

Coffee Shop is an emerging and rapidly expanding Bay Area coffee company. I joined the team for two years to help build and manage the branding, as well as work as a project manager through the early expansion. Working as a part of a team of three, we put effort into the details - from the look and feel of the cup to the fresh merchandise and menu design. 

Many of the young professionals and families that were our clientele moved from places like San Francisco or Oakland, and were nostalgic for the culture and energy of the city. So we created an atmosphere and aesthetic that was reminiscent of the vibe of cafes in San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, but was accessible and friendly to families that live in the suburbs outside of San Francisco, where we were opening the shops. Our brand was essentially a hipster coffee shop, without the hipster coffee shop attitude. I had an expansive retro font library and created flat, simple graphics to form our mid-century modern menu and promo aesthetic. I paired these more flamboyant designs with a simple, stylish cup, and basic merch designs to keep the brand clean and balanced.

Deliverables Include:

- Paper Menu Design

- Chalkboard Menu Design

- Store Signage

- Packaging Design

- Merchandise Design

- Training Manual Layout

- Promotional Material Design

- Copy Writing and Editing

- Brand and style guide

Photos by Kristopher Shinn Photography.