HI. I'm Ansley.

I'm a freelance visual designer with eight years of

professional experience, specializing in social impact design. My empathetic and critical creative process fosters adaptability and doesn't fail to make my clients happy. I use design thinking to solve problems in branding, graphic design, UX, and UI. 

Throughout my career I've worn a lot of hats, from art director to business development assistant, and lived all over the world, from Ireland to Vietnam. Through my experiences I've learned how to work with all kinds of people, and communicate with any audience. I've also come to understand how much of a central role design has - all over the world - in the way that we communicate, and the way that our world operates. 


My aesthetic is inspired by human touch - I like textures like watercolor washes and paint strokes, mixed media like graphite smeared with oils, like imperfect ink outlines on computerized graphics. And, I like simple, to-the-point design that communicates effectively and beautifully exactly what it is you're trying to say. I thrive working for organizations that care about beauty but struggle to identify their style. I love to take concepts and turn them into something aesthetic, that feels personal to my client and relatable to their audience.

I truly believe that organizations that are doing good in the world can do even more with effective design, and I feel it's my job to make that happen.

Not bored of me yet?